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Recording Studios in Brooklyn

Hello everyone

I wanted to take a moment to promote some cheap rehearsals studio.

When people think of such facilities their minds shifts straight to Manhattan's locations but my band and I gave it a try at the Sweatshop Studio located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and it's not bad. The prices are affordable and they have different options in terms of capability.

This week-end we will be practicing at Fast Lane Studios in the Flatbush Ave area and I'm sure we will have a blast over there as well.




Nice gig!

I just wanted to share the good feedback my band and I received on Thursday August 8th at Desmond's Tavern.

Aaron, Jon and I were very happy to have Bob Hudock performing with us for the first time.

The chemistry was so good I believe nobody actually noticed he was a new member of our group.


Have a wonderful week everyone!



Next gig

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to inform you that you're all invited to my next performance with Aaron Diaz, Jon Padilla.

Musician Bob HuDock will be joining us as well.


Desmond's Taven

You can find the info on my homepage under the Thursday August 8th gig.





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