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The gig at Otto's

Hello everyone

I have to say I had a lot of fun on Thursday November 18th at the music night my band and I hosted at Otto's Shrunken Head.

I'd like to thank the talented music acts who joined Aaron, Bob, Jon and I on stage such as Band of Others, Don Kennedy Albert, Thomas Fitzpatrick, John Plenge, Matthew Zimmer. I would also like to thank my musician friend David Kahler and my director friend Armand Ruhlman for attending.

It's a cozy place with an alternative vibe and I will most likely be organizing more events over there.

Looking forward to the next one!



Thank you

We had a great time as usual when we performed at Desmond's Tavern last week.

The next step is the music night at Otto's Shrunken Head.


Everyone's invited!!!


Some interesting fall music nights

Hello everyone

starting from this fall my band and will host music nights.

Basically we have different acts performing on our same night and everybody's welcome to join.

So, if any of you wants to play as a solo artist or with a band, please feel free to get back to me on my facebook page which is





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