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Gibson center feedback

Okay, my band and I performed at the Gibson Center and it was awesome!!!!

Can you believe legendary artists such as U2, Bruce Springsteen and more recorded there???

My musicians Aaron, Jon, Sam and I got the chance to meet incredibly talented people such as 13 Hands who won a great prize, Tom Dudley and his band, Lizzie Blazquez, Rosa Gudmundsdottir, Funkee Boy producer and many many others.

We had a lovely time thanks to the organizer Jon Landers.


xoxo Rose


Event at the Gibson Center

Hi everyone,

just wanted to share my excitement with you about next week's gig at the Gibson Center.


It's a private event and my band and I are very happy and looking forward to performing there.


Keeping my fingers crossed!!!!


xoxo Rose


Hi again

Hi everyone!

I haven't written on my blog for such a long time but that's because I've been pretty busy.

My band and I are getting ready for a private gig for Gibson so we're really excited about it and can't wait!!


We'll keep you posted on upcoming performances and in the meantime, enjoy the upcoming beautiful weather!

xoxo Rose


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